Your Dog Butler's mission is to make dog ownership easier for you.

As Your Dog Butler, we provide you with the luxury of knowing your dog's needs are well taken care of during the day and evening with necessary walks and exercise.  We provide peace of mind knowing that your pet will get to its grooming or veterinary appointments on time and safely without you needing to take time out of your already busy day.
Mark, Chief Dog Butler, is a dog owner and lover of animals and, more importantly, dogs genuinely like Mark. Mark understands the time it takes to properly care for dogs and recognizes that many people are not in the position to walk/exercise their dogs multiple times a day. The Dog Butler’s goal is to make dog ownership easy and possible for all with routine and affordable services.
Dakoda, Mark’s best friend, is showered with the same loving care he provided to his childhood dogs: Riley who lived to 18, and Tinker to 16. Mark credits their long lives to exercise, healthy eating, feeling safe and lots of love. It is these guiding principles that you can expect for your own dogs when they are in the watchful hands of our hand selected Dog Butlers.

Your Dog Butler is incorporated, licensed, fully insured and bonded.