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3 Tips to Reduce Pet’s Anxiety Before Air Travel

Reduce pet flight anxiety with Your Dog Butler's tips on exercise, crate training, and feeding. Ensure a comfortable journey for your furry friend.
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    Reducing Your Pets Anxiety Before the Flight

    Pets Mover
    Pets Mover

    Whether you are flying with your pet, or choosing to get a pet mover service like Your Dog Butler to help with the transportation of your pet, chances are your pet might be anxious to fly on a plane. Just like you or anyone might be anxious to fly on a plane! For us humans, it is easier to comprehend the whole process of flying and trust that we will be safe.

    However, unfortunately, our beloved pets don’t have the chance or luxury to understand the flying process, and that they will be safe during the flight. This can put a lot of pressure on them, making them anxious and scared. So if your beloved pet has to be transported somewhere by plane, let us help you to make the trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

    At Your Dog Butler, our pet mover staff is certified and very experienced to help you with the safe and secure transport of your pets locally and internationally. Our staff knows how to reduce the anxiety of your pets during travel, helping to make their journey as safe and comfortable as possible. However, when we asked our team what pet owners can do to reduce their pet’s anxiety before air travel, here’s what they had to say:

    1) Provide Your Pet with a Lot of Exercises Before the Trip

    Pets Mover

    Have you ever noticed that after a good exercise session, your pet is usually very calm, relaxed, and even sleepy? Because of this, it is a very good strategy to make sure your pet is well exercised before you hand over your pet to the pet mover team to fly. Give your pet an intense exercise session that also prompts them to poop. This way, they will be more relaxed during the flight and will most probably sleep during most or all of the trip. A sleeping pet is a comfortable pet, and exercise before the trip is the best way to encourage your pet to sleep.

    2) Crate Training for a More Comfortable Pet

    Whether your pet is traveling with you or with our pet mover team, you must crate-train them beforehand. During the flight, they will need to spend a long time inside the crate. Hence, they must be comfortable sitting and sleeping in a crate. If you haven’t trained your pet to use a crate yet, please make sure you introduce them to it as soon as possible. You want to give your pet enough time to get used to being in the crate. Be patient and loving when crate training them. This will greatly reduce their anxiety during air travel.

    3) Consider Their Regular Feeding Time

    Pets Mover

    If you want air travel more comfortable for your pet, make sure to consider when is their regular feeding time. An upset stomach in a crate is certainly not a pleasant experience for your pet. So, feed your pet at least 3-4 hours before the flight and provide them with lots of water.

    And as mentioned above, after an hour or 2 try to give them enough exercise so that they poop and are tired before entering the crate. When you keep these things in mind while preparing your pet for air travel, they will be less anxious, more comfortable, and happier during the travel.

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