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Moving to Canada with Your Pets? Read This

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    Are you moving to Canada with your pets soon? Do you want to take your beloved pet with you to Canada? In this blog, we give you a brief overview of the requirements to bring your pet to Canada.

    Moving with Your Family to Canada with Your Pets

    Are you planning to move with your family to Canada? Would you like to take your beloved pet with you when you and your family move to Canada? If yes, you must know that each country has different regulations for bringing pets across their international border.

    Hence, Canada also has strict rules for pet entry into the country. With the help of professional pet international relocation services, you can learn and get all the help you need to satisfy these regulations in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. We at Your Dog Butler are here to help you with all the complexity of moving with your pet to Canada.

    In this blog, we give you a brief overview of the requirements to bring your pet to Canada.

    Administrative and Veterinarian Protocol Requirements

    When it comes to bringing your pet to Canada , there are some administrative and veterinarian protocol requirements. Here is a quick overview of all that you are required to do before moving with your pet to Canada.

    First Pet Vaccination

    Remember how as a human you need to take some vaccines before travelling to another country? It is similar to your pets. When you want to bring your pet to Canada, they have to take all the required vaccines before departing. Your veterinarian can guide you on which vaccines your pet needs to travel to Canada. It is often difficult to navigate this process we at Your Dog Butler are happy to help. We make sure that all of the requirements to bring your pet to Canada with your family are satisfied.

    Microchip Implantation for Your Pet

    moving pets across country
    Moving pets across country

    When you enter a new country, you are already a bit overwhelmed. The purpose of microchipping is for multiple reasons. 1/it is a verification of your dog’s identity and verifies that the vaccines have been given to the correct dog.

    Rabies Vaccine

    This is critical for moving pets to Canada. This will protect your pet and other people around them from a fatal disease. Once your pet has the rabies vaccine, it is not only easier to bring them to Canada but it is also easier when moving pets across the country.

    Animal Passports

    Just like you need a passport to enter any country, your pets also need an animal passport. It is important to provide crucial details about your pet to the concerned authorities. This allows them to keep a proper record of all the pets in the country, making it easier to track if anything happens to them.

    Health Certificate

    cat transport service
    Cat transport service

    Before you depart for Canada, make sure you have a health certificate for your pets. It should not be older than 10 days before your departure. This ensures that your pet is in good health and can travel through the flight and move across the country safely. It also ensures that your pet does not have any contagious diseases to avoid their spread.

    Final Thoughts

    Before you travel with your pet to Canada, these five regulations must be fulfilled. However, if you are unable to complete these formalities yourself and need some assistance, please get in touch with us at Your Dog Butler. We provide experienced, luxurious, and safe transport for pets. We provide professional and certified dog and cat transport services locally and globally.

    Contact our team now to know more. Trust in Your Dog Butler for all your pet transportation, relocation, and moving needs, within Canada, outside the country, or just across town.

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