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Moving With Your Pet? Here’s What You Can Expect!

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    Are you moving to another country? Do you have a pet or pets to go along with you? If so, this will make all the difference in the way you travel to your destination.

    What to Expect When Moving With Your Pet

    If you were traveling alone, you might have just booked your tickets, packed your luggage, and boarded the plane without any issues. However, if you have a pet or pets to go along with you, the travel plan will be slightly different. In this case, you might want to opt for pet relocation services international.

    Pet relocation services international
    International Pet Relocation Services

    And here’s why you will need these services.

    • Many countries like Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates want pets to arrive in the country unaccompanied as manifest cargo. This means you can’t carry your pet with you while traveling, instead, you will need pet relocation services to take care of it all.
    • Apart from this, not all airlines allow pets to be carried as excess baggage or in-cabin baggage. In that case, too, a pet relocation service will be highly beneficial.

    Now, you might be wondering what’s the difference between taking your pet as excess baggage and as manifest cargo. So, here’s a quick rundown.

    1) Excess Baggage

    When you carry your pet as excess baggage, the pet is connected to your passenger ticket. In this case, you will be responsible for everything such as finding the airlines, booking your tickets, checking in, any layovers with your pet, custom check on arrival, and more. If there are any unprecedented changes, you need to deal with them on your own. Neither the airlines nor any pet mover company can assist you in this case.

    2) Manifest Cargo

    Moving pet across country
    Moving pets across the country

    With manifest cargo on the other hand, the pet will have a separate ticket and they won’t be attached to your travel itinerary. The pet movers company will find the airline, book the ticket, check the routes, and prepare for any unprecedented changes. When your pet is traveling as manifest cargo, you can have peace of mind knowing your pet will be safe and will reach the destination as per schedule without any issues.

    Moreover, it also saves you from any issues during your independent travel. When your pet travels as manifest cargo, it can safely quarantine if needed, especially in countries like Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

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    As you can see, using pert relocation services during international transfer will be beneficial in the long run. If you want international pet relocation services or are moving pets across the country, we at Your Dog Butler can assist you. Our team is professional, certified, and experienced to ensure safe travel and arrival of your pet at the destination.

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