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Traveling With Older Pets & 3 Things Before Traveling

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    Planning to travel with your older pet? Your Dog Butler shares expert tips to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your furry friend. Plan ahead for a safe and enjoyable journey.

    3 Things to Know Before Travelling

    Moving Pet Across Country
    Moving Pet Across Country

    Your pet is part of your family. And you can’t leave them even when you are moving provinces or countries. However, if you have an older pet, you need to consider whether traveling locally or internationally by air is safe or not. We are not saying you should leave your older pet behind, instead, we are saying you should make sure they are in a condition to move while you are making a plan to move. You would want to take them with you wherever you go but make sure the timing is right as per their health condition.

    Here’s what you should consider before moving pets across the country

    1) Consult Their Veterinarian

    Make sure you consult their veterinarian. They know the best way to travel with your pet while they are aging. If your pet has no health concerns, it won’t be a big issue to travel with them. However, make sure to bring any medication they need to take. Also, make sure to arrange to give the medication to your pet on travel day, if you can’t be there to give it to them. 

    Get all the immunizations suggested by the veterinarian to ensure your older furry friend stays in the best health condition. 

    2) Skip Sedation At All Costs

    It would be wise to skip sedation at all costs, especially if your older furry friend is going to travel in cargo. They need to be awake and conscious to have spatial awareness of the movement of the airplane. So, when choosing a pet relocation service internationally, make sure they don’t suggest sedation for your older pet. If they do, it would be great to find some other relocation services. 

    3) Keep Them Happy and Calm

    Pet Relocation Services International
    Pet Relocation Services International

    Your pet will be anxious to travel whether they travel as cargo or with you in-cabin. You can do a couple of things to keep them happy and calm. Avoid hot weather when traveling. It can be difficult for your older pet to handle the heat during travel. To avoid the heat, you can book nighttime flights. Also, they will be tired at night, making them fall asleep easily. Don’t forget to keep their favorite toy to provide a sense of comfort. Also, make sure to have a veterinarian contact ready before you arrive at your destination.

    Contact us now to know more.

    By being careful, you can travel with your older pet easily. If you are looking for a pet mover company to transport your pets, you can get in touch with us at Your Dog ButlerWe are a leading pet moving company providing luxurious and high-end transport services for your pets. Irrespective of their size, age, and breed, we will ensure they are transported to their destination safely. 

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