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3 Best Things to Prepare for Hassle-Free Travel

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    Ensure stress-free international pet travel with these tips: secure health records, select the right crate, and crate-train your pet. Trust Your Dog Butler for luxurious, safe pet transport. Contact us to learn more.

    Transporting Your Pets: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

    Have you decided to travel to another country for a visit or a permanent move? If so, you might have prepared all the documents that allow you to travel to the chosen country. But what about your beloved pets? Have you checked the requirements for transport for pets in the country you are traveling to? Have you checked with the airlines you are traveling with to see what their requirements are? Sometimes airlines don’t allow certain breeds to travel on board, and they certainly have strict guidelines.

    If this is the case, what will you do? You will certainly not leave your pets alone at your home. In such a situation, you might want to contact us at Your Dog Butler for our luxurious transport for pets services. We are on a mission to provide safe and secure concierge services for pets. While we are preparing for your pets to travel safely across international borders, we would like you to prepare the following three things for us to make sure everything goes smoothly:

    1) Gather Health Records

    Transport for pets

    While we provide transport for pets across international borders, we also know that several countries have strict regulations for bringing in pets across their borders. Your pets might need specific tests, they may need vaccinations and health approvals. Hence, you must make sure that your pets have received all the required tests and vaccines. You can work with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is ready to travel, and we will make sure that you know exactly what to ask your veterinarian.

    Since we will be transporting your pets on the scheduled date, you can provide these documents to Your Dog Butler’s team before the departure date. We will make sure the documents are ready and presented when the pet arrives at the airport.

    2) Buy a Pet Crate

    You must also ensure you have bought the right crate for your pet that can offer comfortable transport for pets. The pet crate must not be too small, and it must not be too large. It must be the perfect size to house your pet during travel to the other country. While you are buying a crate for your pet, please make sure to remember the following key things:

    • Measure the length and height of your pet to buy the right-sized crate for him or her.
    • Connect with your airline to determine the size of the crate that they allow on board.
    Transport for pets

    However, if your pet will be traveling with us at Your Dog Butler, we have a selection of pet-friendly crates where your pet will be comfortable during travel. We will recommend the perfect size so that the crate meets all the requirements of the airline for travel on their planes and is very comfortable for your pet, so he or her feels safe and happy during their international trip.

    3) Crate Train Your Pet

    If your pet has always roamed and traveled freely, chances are they are not trained to travel in a crate. Hence, you need to train your pet before their international trip so that they are comfortable entering the crate and staying in the crate for longer periods. Make sure you don’t force your pet to go into the crate while training them. Be very patient and lovingly train them to use the crate for traveling. Now, the whole process of traveling with pets shouldn’t be stressful. Hence, we at Your Dog Butler are at your service. We provide luxurious and licensed transport for pets locally and across international borders while keeping your pets safe and happy.

    To know more, contact our team now.

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