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Exercise & socializing are fundamental to your dog's good health.

Our dog walkers will ensure your dog burns lots of energy while playing for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. For your dog's benefit we walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time so that we can carefully watch your pet. For the dog's safety all dogs are walked on-leash.

At your service...

We offer mid-morning, afternoon and evening walks in select zones. As our mission is to make dog ownership easy we are available to walk your dog if you are working late, busy with your kids or if it's just too cold or dark for an evening walk.

Understanding puppies need extra care and attention we offer puppy visits. During the visit we cater to you and your puppies needs whether it be to visit,play, feed or relieve.



All dogs will need proof of up to date vaccinations to participate in group walks. Spaying and Neutering is mandatory to participate in group walks. Puppies are an exception if too young.

Dog Matching 

Dogs of similar temperament and exercise levels are grouped together. We supply bio-degradable bags and water.

Meet and Greets

All new dogs to our Butler services require a mandatory home visit and/park visit to ensure comfort and safety for themselves and other dogs. We are unable to accept dogs that display behaviour that is aggressive or harmful to other dogs or walkers.




Group Dog Walking



Nominal charge per additional dog in same household for same service.


*Prices can vary depending on location, holidays and if on weekends.


Private Walks