What are the Costs of Moving Pet across the Country or Internationally?

Moving Pet across Country

Moving Pet across Country

Are you planning on moving pet across country or internationally? If so, you might consider hiring the services of a pet mover company in your region. Now, let us tell you that you have taken a right first step. Hiring a professional pet mover company will benefit you in the long run. A professional pet mover company has got all the resources to transport your pet across the country or internationally. They can ensure the paperwork is done correctly and ready before the date of departure. The company will also ensure the pet is taken care of during transport, carefully lands at the destination, and is handed over to you in time.

However, one question that pet owners usually ask before hiring a professional pet mover company is, “How much will it cost?” Now, this is a legitimate question and can be a deciding factor in choosing the pet mover company. However, there is no simple answer to this. The costs will depend on the pet mover company and the services they provide.

But we can tell you what factors will determine the costs and what are the fixed costs included in the transport for pets services.

Factors affecting the costs of moving pets

  • The type of pet you are moving (dog, cat, bird, etc.) and the breed.
  • Number of pets you are relocating
  • The arrival destination
  • The departure location
  • The mode of transportation (ground, water, air)

These factors will certainly affect the costs of moving your pets. However, there are some fixed costs included in the overall price.

  • Required Costs: The required costs will include all the expenses and fees you need to pay for the safe transport of your pets. These costs are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Things like import fees, safe travel crates, vet visits, ground or airline transport fees, quarantine fees, and more are included in “required costs”.
Transport for pets

Transport for pets

As compared to domestic transport, “required costs” are 3x times higher for international transport. Moreover, whether you hire professional pet relocation services international or decide to do it on your own, you will have to incur these “required costs”.

  • Pet Relocation Costs: If you hire a professional pet relocation company, you must pay them the service costs. This will depend on the level and expertise of the company to offer the said pet relocation services.

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